Aspects of Exmoor

Rivers and Streams

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Photographs © Geoff Bannister

The East Lyn and its tributaries

The East Lyn is the final destination of a number of smaller streams rising on the
high moors to the south which flow through a complicated series of meetings.
Weir Water rises near Lucott Cross on the western side of Porlock Hill and flows
down to Oare where it joins with Chalk Water, flowing from Larkbarrow to form
Oare Water. This reaches Malmesmead where it comes to the heart of "Lorna
Doone country". Badgworthy Water, which features much in the novel, rises
further west on Larkbarrow and having joined up with other streams at Three
Combes Foot, reaches Malmesmead to merge with Oare Water to become
the East Lyn. The last major confluence is at Watersmeet about two miles east
of Lynmouth. Here, Farley Water which has earlier joined with Hoaroak Water
on their journey from The Chains flanking Cheriton Ridge adds its waters.
Finally, the river meets the West Lyn in the centre of Lynmouth before
emptying into the little harbour.

Weir Water plus Collie

Robbers Bridge, Weir Water

Chalk Water, Kittuck Barrow

Badgworthy Water near its source

Southernmost bridge, Badgworthy Water

Badgworthy Water, Doone Country

Badgery Water, Malmesmead

Hillsford Bridge, East Lyn

Cheriton Ridge, Farley Water

Ash Bridge, East Lyn

Looking south at Ash Bridge

Crook Pool, East Lyn

East Lyn near Watersmeet

Farley Water, Watersmeet

Canoeist at Watersmeet

East Lyn, Watersmeet

Blackpool Bridge, East Lyn

East Lyn, Lynmouth

Riverside Road, Lynmouth

Lynmouth Harbour

Odds and ends

Just a handful of views which do not (yet!) justify a full section. With
one exception, the Exe, they are taken on the Heddon, almost at its
end on the North Devon coast, between Hunters Inn and the beach.

Near Hunters Inn

Bridge Near Hunters Inn

Heddon valley

Heddon Valley looking south

Heddons Mouth

Heddons Mouth

Silly Bridge, Exford

Photographs © Geoff Bannister
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