Photographs on and around Exmoor

Aspects of Exmoor

The Photograph Galleries

Of my websites, Aspects of Exmoor was first launched in 2004 and extended by
merely adding new photographs as time went by. By 2011 therefore, the website
was really in need of extensive reorganisation. This has now been completed;
the site has been restructured as a series of galleries showing different aspects
of the area, thus living up to the website's title.

It should be emphasised that this is a personal photo gallery and does not claim
to present comprehensive coverage of the entire moor, simply areas where I
have been; hence, certain areas have limited coverage or none at all.

Because some photographs may fit into more than one category, these may
feature in more than one gallery. In future, any new photographs will be
added to the Inbox before being placed in a suitable gallery.

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