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1: Aspects of Exmoor

I paid my first visit to Exmoor in 1961, visiting at intervals until I married
and we honeymooned in Porlock in 1971. As the family grew up, we
came nearly every year on holiday until I took early retirement in 1993,
allowing us to move to Minehead in 1994, then to Porlock in the National
Park in 1999 until family matters led us back to Minehead in 2010.

My two Border Collies (Jodie - on the left - and Dan), used to accompany
me for about 5 miles each day. Sadly, both these faithful friends have died
and a Jack Russell, Jake, who arrived in the family in May 2009, has taken
their place!

The webmaster.....

..and former Exmoor advisers

I am a practising Christian and my wife and I have been involved with the
work at Minehead Baptist Church for many years. When not walking, I am
interested in photography, transport and computing.

I hope that this site will reveal to you the beauty of this corner of the UK and
tempt you to visit Exmoor again... and again....

Please visit the website again, as it will be regularly updated with extra
pictures and walks.

2: Transport of delight

I began to take a real interest in road and rail transport in the UK from
about late 1952 when I began to keep notes about the London Transport
fleet of buses and trolleybuses, having missed the tram fleet by a few
months - although I had frequently travelled on them.

Interest in British Railways followed and I began to take photographs in
1959. My early efforts were on poor equipment and I also snapped away
enthusiastically in the wrong conditions.

Sheffield 122, 2003

30523, Clapham Junction, 1959

This site shows many of my photographs taken between 1959 and the
present day with a biggish gap in the 1970s and 1980s when our family was
growing up.

There will be a wide choice of views gradually added: trams, trolleybuses,
buses and railways, both in the UK and overseas.


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