Walks on and around Exmoor
Aspects of Exmoor



This section contains walks in or around the Exmoor area. They are grouped
in rough areas with details of location, parking, length and type of walk

Visitors to the website are welcome to take copies of these directions for their own
personal use but these may only be passed on free of charge with the copyright of
the webmaster acknowledged

Many walks sometimes include short variants to reduce the distance in the case of time,
weather or fatigue! As a rule of thumb, times assume that an average walker covers
2-2¼ miles or so in an hour, not counting stops for picnics, views and photographs

Dogs can be taken along all these walks; I have covered them all myself with my
two faithful companions. The usual provisos about meeting livestock will apply. Many
areas - the hills between Bossington and Minehead, Croydon Hill and Ley Hill for
example - are usually free of sheep. They may be found on the open moor in summer
although the numbers have declined since the 2001 foot and mouth outbreak.
Occasional deer may be encountered on almost any of the walks

The majority of walks in this list are circular but, as the list grows, some linear walks may
be included where two cars could be used or there is a suitable bus service

All the walks in this section can be found on the OS Outdoor Leisure 9 Exmoor 1:25000 map
which I would recommend. Grid references are given to help locate points on the map

Click on the walk you wish to see

Simonsbath & Chains area
Walk CS1: Pinkworthy Pond-Long Stone-Chapman Barrows (6½miles maximum)

Dunkery area
Walk DK1: Webbers Post-Dunkery Beacon (3½, 2¾ miles)
Walk DK2: Webbers Post-Priest Way-Jubilee Hut (3, 2½ miles)
Walk DK3: Cloutsham Watersplash-Horner-East Water bridges (3¾, 2 miles)
Walk DK4: Webbers Post-Horner (2½ miles)

Dunster area
Walk DN1: Croydon Hill-Black Hill (4¼, 3¼ miles)

Lynmouth/Lynton area
Walk L1: Lynmouth-Watersmeet-Ash Bridge-Countisbury (5 miles)
Walk L2: Lynmouth-Watersmeet-Ash Bridge-Rockford-Brendon (7½, 3, 4 and 6¼ miles)
Walk L3: Hunters Inn-Heddon's Mouth-Woody Bay (5½ miles)
Walk L4: Hunters Inn-Heddon's Mouth-Trentishoe Church (4 miles)**NEW**

Minehead area
Walk M1: North Hill-Jim's Path (3½, 2¾, 2¼ miles)
Walk M2: Jim's Path-Bratton Woods-Peggy's Path (2¼ miles)
Walk M3: Minehead-Porlock high level linear route(6 miles)
Walk M4: Minehead-Porlock low level linear route(6 miles)

Porlock/Selworthy area
Walk P1: Bossington-Lynch-Horner (3 miles)
Walk P2: Lynch-Hurlstone Point-Bossington Hill (2¾, 2¼ miles)
Walk P3: Selworthy-Selworthy Cross-Wind & Weather Shelter-Lady Acland's Hut (3½ miles)
Walk P4: A stroll on Ley Hill (2 miles)
Walk P5: Porlock Marsh (2¾, 2¼ miles)
Walk P6: Selworthy-Bossington-Hurlstone point (4½, 3¼ miles)
Walk P7: Ley Hill-Horner Water-Pool Bridge (3 miles)
Walk P8: Porlock-Bossington-Horner (4 miles)
Walk P9: Porlock-Porlock Weir (3½ miles)

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