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Walk DK4: Webbers Post-Horner

Bold letters in brackets, for example (A), refer to check points on the shorter walks mentioned at the end.

Notes: This walk drops down to the East Water valley, then follows the lower paths to Horner Hill returning along the ridge to the Jubilee Hut.

Distance: 2½ miles.

Time: 1-1¼ hours.

Start point: Webbers Post (GR 904440). Turn south off the A39 at Red Post which is about ½ mile on the Minehead side of Porlock, signposted for West luccombe and Horner. Follow the road past Burrowhayes camp site and the cottages at Horner and about ¾ mile further on, at Chapel Cross, turn right uphill (signposted for Cloutsham and Dunkery Beacon). The road climbs steeply through a pleasant wooded section arriving at a fork at the brow of the hill. This is Webbers Post. Take the right fork and after 50 yards, turn onto a wide parking area on the right.

Directions: Continue through the car park with the wooded area on your right and at the far end take a narrow path to the right past two low wooden posts. This path leads through the trees until you reach a T-junction with a rough, stony track. Turn downhill and follow this path (The Priest Way) for 5-6 minutes until you reach a track on the right turning off just by a section of old stone wall. Follow this path all the way down to a junction of several tracks just by the river.

Follow the signpost for the Windsor Walk. This is one of the paths named by the Acland family who owned the Holnicote Estate for many years. The path gently climbs the hill curving round gradually to the right. After 5 minutes or so, the path is running high above Horner Water; the confluence of East Water and Horner Water is hidden in the trees below.

At a diagonal crossing, bear left downhill. The path zig-zags down towards Horner Water. At the bottom, head to the right along the water's edge past a large pool. Continue with the river on your left. The track gradually moves away from the river and runs along the Scout fields to your left, then through a large deer fence until it comes up behind Horner Mill where you have a good view of the water wheel which is allowed to work occasionally. At the end of the track you meet a bridleway; if you are not going into Horner for drinks etc., turn right up this track for (A).

(Diversion into Horner) If you wish to go into Horner hamlet for refreshments, turn left down to the road then left along the road past Horner Farm to the tearooms. Afterwards, retrace your steps and pass the junction you have just left.

(A) After a few yards you will pass through a high wooden gate. Turn immediately right and follow a rough path which begins quite steeply but gradually gets less so. As you climb this path, ignore a narrow peat path, often wet, forking off to the left and you will soon reach a T-junction with a level path.

Turn right and within 20 yards, you will reach a path on the left signposted Webbers Post. Follow this track. It is quite stony to begin with and there are many tree roots across the path. Ignore turnings on the left and continue to climb. The trees begin to thin out and the view on the right opens up until you reach the Jubilee Hut. This was built in 2002 out of local materials on the site of an older hut which was removed in 1947 and carries a small plaque giving the details.

The track continues through a fairly dense stand of trees and emerges by a fork. You can go either way, using either arm of the compacted easy access track or the old horse path on the right. Along the right hand track, there is the stone seat marking the gift of the Estate to the National Trust. All the tracks lead back to the car park.

Starting from Horner This walk can be followed from Horner. Park in the car park and walk out along the path near the toilets. Turn left when you reach the road. The road begins to climb past Horner Mill. Turn onto the steep stony bridleway on the right and when you reach the high wooden gate, pick up the walk instructions from (A).

Follow the instructions up to Webbers Post and then those from the beginning down to the heading (Diversion into Horner) where you turn off to return to the car park.

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