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Walk M2: Jim's Path-Bratton Woods-Peggy's Path

Notes: A walk on North Hill, on the southern side. This is a mixture of woodland paths and open views of Minehead and the hills beyond. This is a fairly short walk, suitable for all seasons.

Distance: 2¼ miles

Time: 1¼ hours

Start point: Take the North Hill road out of Minehead centre and park by the first cattle grid. (GR 959469)

Directions: Take the wide track leading off to the left and after 100 yards at a junction, bear right. At the next fork, stay with the right arm following a stony track which gradually climbs with views of the town to the left. At a crossing by a small reservoir, bear left and stay with the reservoir fence and the level, narrow path beyond. This is Jim's Path. Continue along the path as it swings right to follow the upper slopes of Woodcombe, finally meeting with a wide bridleway at the inner end of the combe.

Turn left down this track for 30 yards and then turn right onto another bridleway heading gently uphill. After leaving the main woodland, after 100 yards, you reach a couple of trees at either side of the path; take the wide, level path on the left heading back into the wooded section. This dips gradually to a section which is often wet where a spring crosses and then climbs gradually again. The path then swings right leading away from the combe to brings you to a stile.

Cross the stile and turn left, following the footpath signpost. This path gradually descends into Bratton Woods via a couple of hairpin bends until it reaches a level path running along the fence by the fields which separate the woods from Bratton Court Farm. Turn left and follow this path along the edge of the fields.

When you come to a junction with a fence directly ahead of you, turn left and after 50 yards, turn through a small wooden gate onto a narrow path through denser woodland. After a few minutes, this path drops fairly sharply to join a wide bridleway. Turn right and after 60 yards, watch for a narrow path with a signpost for Minehead on your left. This is Peggy's Path.

Take this path which winds its way up onto the valley side and then levels off with occasional glimpses along the valley to the west. The section of path between the gorse bushes can be very muddy after wet weather. At a five-way crossing of paths, take the path straight ahead which climbs over the shoulder of the hill in front of you and brings you down to the seat commemorating Peggy Pearson.

Continue past the seat in the same direction, climbing gently and curving to the right. After a few minutes, you reach a track junction and rejoin your outward route. Bear right at this point and then, at the next junction, bear left and follow the edge of the fields on your right out to the road where you are parked.

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