Aspects of Exmoor

We would suggest that these notes are read in conjunction with
the Ordnance Survey Outdoor Leisure 9 Exmoor 1:25000 map.

Walk M3: Minehead-Porlock
(High Level linear walk)

Notes: This walk follows the tracks along the top of the hill with fine views of the hills to the south. It is intended as a linear walk, perhaps using two cars. Alternatively, the bus can be used from Porlock back to Minehead, routes 39 (Porlock Weir-Minehead) and 300 (Lynmouth-Minehead) running a fairly frequent service

Distance: 6 miles

Time: 2½ - 3hours

Start point: St.Andrew's Church, Wellington Square, Minehead.

Directions: Go past the video shop and up the one-way street (Holloway Street). At the top of the hill, continue straight ahead past the side of the Adult Education Centre into The Ball. At the top of this road, climb the stone steps and again go straight ahead until you reach the corner of The Ball and St.Michael's Road.

Turn left and then right by the church lych gate into Church Road. At the T-junction turn left into Beacon Road and shortly right into North Hill Road. At the last house (Northmoor Cottage), the road becomes a broad track. Continue straight along this path, ignoring side turnings. After 10-15 minutes, you will pass a stone drinking basin set into a wall and then, after another 10-15 minutes, go through a gate and shortly afterwards pass another drinking trough at the side of the path. Finally, you will cross or meet a number of paths before coming out of the woods onto a wide track along the hill.

Follow this path and after a quarter of a mile, you reach a rough parking area with a seat and a five-way signpost. This is at the head of Burgundy Combe. From here, take the track ahead of you nearest to the road and stay with it. The road crosses two cattle grids which have gates at the side of them for your path. As you go through the second gate, keep to the left fork, staying near to the road, passing another large rough parking place, and then crossing a tarmac side road.

Selworthy Beacon, your next target, can be seen directly in front of you. Follow the track to its summit and then fork left down the track leading towards the road. Cross over and go towards the Wind and Weather Shelter, a substantial stone and brick building with seats on all sides.

Keep it on your left hand and follow the track which parallels the road; this is an easy access track for pushchairs and wheelchairs and leads to the large parking area at the end of the scenic road. Continue straight ahead on the wide track and at a fork after 100 yards, take the right hand arm which leads down to a gate into a wooded area. This is Sleigh Path. Go down the path and continue straight down until you reach a T-junction with a level path.

Turn right, following the Bossington signpost and walk along this track until you reach a six-way junction with a large wooden seat and a spring of water on the right. This is St.Agnes' Fountain. Take the extreme left fork, signposted Bossington, continue straight over a crossing after 150 yards and walk along behind Lynch House. At the next junction, go straight ahead through a gate into an open field following the rough path through the middle. At the next gate, turn left down to a small gate, down some rough steps and then follow a path along the bank of Horner Water. Go through the gate at the end, turn left and cross North Bridge into Bossington car park.

Go through the car park and turn right along Sea Lane, passing the road for Porlock. The last building on this lane is Lower House Farm when the road becomes a track. Continue for a further 100 yards to a hedged path on the left which has a stream running across it. Follow this track to a gate and go ahead into open fields. Follow the hedge straight ahead through three fields. At the end of the last field, the path angles through the hedge to join a path coming from the left. Bear right and stay with this hedged track to reach the corner of Bay Road and Villes Lane in Porlock.

Turn right along Bay Road and go down the steps at the far end into Sparkhayes Lane. Turn left and follow this road to the junction with the High Street in the middle of the village shops.

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