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Walk P4: A stroll on Ley Hill

Notes: Ley Hill lies about a mile south of Porlock and is one of the lower summits in the area but its virtue is that from the track along the top, you can gain an excellent panoramic view of the arc of hills to the east and south, ranging from Bossington Hill and Hurlstone Point to Dunkery Beacon. This stroll is a short one, possibly for a post-Sunday lunch leg stretch, introducing you to this delightful little hill.

Distance: 2 miles.

Time: 50 minutes-1 hour.

Start point: The parking area opposite the entrance to Lucott Farm (GR 880448). From Porlock, drive up Doverhay at the side of the carpark at the east end of the village, continuing straight up round the steep double bend as you leave the village. After crossing a cattle grid, turn sharp right up a very steep lane 50 yards after passing the filter station. Continue along the road passing the entrance to Woodcocks Ley and then coming out from the banks which border the road onto the open moor and continue until you reach the entrance to Lucott Farm on the right. Turn onto the wide stony area on your left and drive through to just beyond the bushes.

Directions: Follow the wide stony track leading away in front of you along the hill. After 9-10 minutes, when the track swings to the left, continue on the track straight ahead which snakes down a short hill into the trees. Turn left in the trees and follow this (sometimes muddy) track through the gorse and bracken. Watch for another narrow track turning right in the middle of a section of gorse and heading just inside the woodland. Follow this track as it runs along the top of the woods with the Horner valley dropping away on your right. Ignore any tracks heading off right.

When you reach an angled track crossing, take the right fork ahead of you. This track drops down gradually giving you restricted views to the right. When it reaches a crossing with a wide, grassy track, turn left and follow this path until it meets a rough, stony track climbing from right to left. Turn left and follow the track as it winds up through gorse bushes. The track emerges more into the open and reaches a wooden bench seat; pause to enjoy the view. Bossington Hill and Hurlstone Point to your extreme left, then the dip in the hills at Tivington Heights where the A39 goes over, Wootton Hill squarely in front of you. Continue along the track up a short climb, passing a track on your right as you level off. The Dunkery range of hills will gradually come into view and you will also be able to pick out the Jubilee Hut on Horner Hill and the bare parking area at Webbers Post to its right. Pass a couple of tracks going off right, then the track drops slightly swings right and you rejoin your outward path to your car.

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