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Walk P7: Ley Hill-Horner Water-Pool Bridge

Notes: Ley Hill lies about a mile south of Porlock. After starting along the top of the hill, this stroll is mainly through the woods, dropping down to follow the upper reaches of Horner Water. Some of the tracks can be quite muddy in winter.

Distance: 3 miles.

Time: 1¼-1½ hours.

Start point: The parking area opposite the entrance to Lucott Farm (GR 880448). From Porlock, drive up Doverhay at the side of the carpark at the east end of the village, continuing straight up round the steep double bend as you leave the village. After crossing a cattle grid, turn sharp right up a very steep lane 50 yards after passing the filter station. Continue along the road passing the entrance to Woodcocks Ley and then coming out from the banks which border the road onto the open moor and continue until you reach the entrance to Lucott Farm on the right. Turn onto the wide stony area on your left and drive through to the inner part of it.

Directions: Follow the wide stony track leading away in front of you along the hill. After 9-10 minutes, when the main track swings to the left, continue on the track straight ahead which drops down a short hill into the woods. There are several paths meeting in this area. Go straight ahead and then keep to the well-defined right fork a few yards further on.

Follow this path as it passes through an open section on the right, then enters woodland again and curves left and downwards. At a T junction with another track, turn right and follow this track as it drops down to a signposted junction. Turn right and follow this path (Granny's Ride) as it curves gradually to the right and loses height over several hundred yards to reach an angled crossing with Lord Ebrington's Path. Turn left onto this path, which is a well constructed ride dropping steadily downwards into the river valley. At the foot of the ride, you will meet the riverside path alongside Horner Water.

Turn right and follow this wooded (and sometimes muddy) path, passing the footbridge for Stoke Peroand shortly afterwards the footbridge leading over into Stoke Combe. Remain on the riverside path with the stream on your left. After the second bridge, the track becomes rougher with occasional rocky sections.

Continue along this path until you reach Pool Bridge - a stone road bridge carrying the Wilmersham-Porlock road across the river. Turn right and follow the road up the steep hill; you will arrive back at the entrance to Lucott Farm. Turn right across the rough area to reach your parking spot.

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